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How much does teeth whitening cost?

As a general rule, professional whitening treatments can range from £300 up to £1000, or more. The cost of whitening treatments varies considerably for each individual patient. It depends on a number of variable factors, such as, the type of whitening treatment, the complexity of your case, the level of skill of your dentist, and where you go for treatment.

Use the price list below as a rough guide for the individual treatments:

  • Laser whitening – from £395
  • Gel whitening with trays – from £350
  • Zoom whitening – from £395
  • Enlighten deep bleaching – from £600*

Book an initial consultation for only £50 which will become part of your treatment cost if you decid to go ahead with any of the above treatment options.

Brighten your smile at London Teeth Whitening Clinic

Our state of the art clinic can give you the perfect treatment to lighten your teeth at affordable prices. with our friendly and experienced team to find out the exact price of your treatment. At your initial consultation, we will talk to you about various teeth whitening treatments, and determine the one that will achieve your desired shade. Get in touch with us today!

*Home kit only, additional charge for an in chair session if required, as advised by your dentist. May not be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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