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London Teeth Whitening is one of the premiere teeth whitening practice in London. We use world class dental technology to give you the smile of your life. Call 020 37457527 now for information about treatments and booking.

No amount of personal dental hygiene can remove stains from your teeth, which is why you need expert advice from a tooth whitening dentists. That’s where our highly-qualified professionals will help you with teeth whitening in London at their clinic at Wimpole Street.

Our experts we will answer all your questions and put your mind at ease before giving you professional teeth whitening in London, in a comfortable and friendly clinical atmosphere. Leaving you to walk away with a sparkling new smile. We always welcome you at our state of the art dental studio where everyone is friendly &open-minded. Moreover you will get the easy appointment & affordable cost/price which starts from £300 upto £1000.Teeth whitening in London is easy and results are guaranteed if you trust the professionals at our clinic.

Why Choose Us for Professional Teeth Whitening in London?

Exceptional service - our friendly and experienced dentists dedicate themselves to meeting all needs to ensure a successful treatment.

Beautiful results – our patients achieve gorgeous smiles with simple and hassle-free

Benefits and Features London Teeth

Cutting-edge treatments - at our practice in London, you can benefit from the latest advancements teeth whitening treatments to give you the best possible results.

In-depth consultations – we take the time to explain your options and together decide upon the treatment for you. Our team welcomes you to raise any concerns or ask any questions you may have.

Affordable treatment - we understand cost is important. For this reason, we have special teeth whitening offer at our clinic in London along with payment plans to help you spread the cost.

As a general rule,
professional whitening treatments can range from £300 upto £1000

  • Laser whitening – from £395
  • Gel whitening with trays – from £350
  • Zoom whitening – from £395
  • Enlighten deep bleaching – from £450

Treatments Offered at Our London Teeth Whitening Clinic

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser Treatment

It is a fast, effective, and increasingly popular way of whitening teeth. A sixty minute appointment is all it takes to eradicate years of built-up discolouration and stains.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom Treatment

It is a popular and cutting-edge bleaching treatment used to lighten teeth. This in-office treatment uses the innovative Zoom Advanced Power Lamp to enhance the bleaching process.

Enlighten teeth whitening treatment

Enlighten Treatment

It is the only system that can achieve the lightest shade possible (B1), while looking completely healthy and natural. The procedure is very simple.

Our Testimonials

There have a great selection of treatments to choose from. I ended up with enlighten whitening and a very pleased with the results.

I'd had teeth whitening before but I tried Zoom whitening and I feel like it works way better. Very happy with the result

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Important Teeth Whitening Questions Answered

What is the teeth whitening process?

This process is designed to lighten teeth and will help to remove discolouration and stains. The whitening of teeth is one of the most asked for cosmetic dental procedures. This is because it can significantly improve the appearance of your teeth and most dentists will offer tooth whitening. Whitening is not a procedure that you have only once. Whitening will need to be repeated now and again to ensure the brighter colour is maintained.

Why do teeth stain and discolour?

The reasons why teeth lose their whiteness over time can be separated into two categories: extrinsic (external or surface) stains and intrinsic (internal) stains.

Extrinsic stains are often caused by lifestyle choices, which include:
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Tobacco (chewed or smoked)
  • Drinks containing tannin (coffee, tea and red wine)

On the other hand, intrinsic stains are commonly caused by aging. Intrinsic staining is also caused by poor dental health, tooth decay, and small cracks in the enamel. Other influencing factors can include jaundice, root canal complications, the over-consumption of fluoride, and tetracycline exposure during childhood development.

What are the Benefits of Teeth Whitening?

  • That all important first impression –Having whiter teeth gives confidence and allows people to feel comfortable greeting people with a white bright smile.

  • Youthful –Whitened teeth can take years off you!

  • Oral health is improved –flossing, brushing, and hygienist visits will keep the teeth looking good, and also improve overall oral health.

  • Self-confidence boost – Self-esteem is boosted and people feel more confident with their physical appearance, when they complete the look with whiter teeth.

  • Non surgical procedure – Have you teeth whitened in a lunch hour, for maximum convenience. Have regular sessions so that whiteness can gradually develop.

  • Won’t break the bank – teeth whitening is affordable and produces results that are almost immediate.

  • Job hunter essential – White teeth will ensure you make the best impression if you are looking for a job can be boosted with white bright teeth.

What side effects are there?

No serious side effects would be expected, although some sensitivity might be experienced for a short while and there may be some minor gum irritation. Women who are pregnant are not advised to have tooth whitening because any effect of whitening materials on the development of the fetus is not known.

How long does the whitening last?

This will vary among individuals. No bleaching method can whiten teeth permanently. Typical results vary from six months to two years. However, some people's teeth remain white for over 10 years with no touch-up treatment. Your dentist can advise you about maintenance protocols that best serve your particular needs. It is important to remember that all aspects of tooth whitening are best performed under professional supervision.

What is the cost of teeth whitening?

The average teeth whitening treatment cost at our clinic in London can range from £300 up to over £1,000. Individual procedures are priced as follows:

  • teeth whitening with laser: from £300 to
  • Enlighten bleach: from £500
  • Zoom teeth whitening procedure: from £200

Enhance your smile with London Teeth Whitening Clinic

In-office treatments

Your dentist will apply a whitening gel to your teeth which is left on for around an hour. In some cases, a laser is used to enhance the bleaching process.

At-home treatments

Your dentist will provide you with custom-made mouth trays to be filled with a teeth whitening gel. You then wear the mouth trays with the gel at home for the prescribed amount of time.

Over-the-counter whitening products don't use such a high concentration of bleach, but can be effective when used correctly.

Whitening strips

Simply stick the strips onto your teeth and leave on for about thirty minutes each day. It usually takes one or two weeks for results to appear.

Whitening gum

Chewing whitening gum is an easy way to brighten your smile. Although you may have to chew many pieces to see results.

Whitening gel

Use a small brush to rub the gel over your teeth, and leave it on overnight.

Whitening toothpaste

Brushing your teeth with whitening toothpaste can rub away surface stains and plaque thanks to the special abrasive ingredients.

Are you looking for professional teeth whitening in London? Look no further than London Teeth Whitening Clinic. Our skilled and friendly team of dentist will use the perfect treatment to brighten your smile. Book your initial consultation today!