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London Teeth Whitening Testimonials


There have a great selection of treatments to choose from. I ended up with enlighten whitening and a very pleased with the results.

- J Shannon

As a smoker I have my teeth whitening a few times a year and ive been using teeth whitening London for a year now. Good service, great results.

- Gordon Fenton

I wanted to get a home whitening kit so I went London teeth whitening to have a whitening retainer professionally moulded, because I'd heard the bleach can leak into your mouth with basic home kits. They were really helpful and gave some good pointers, as well as providing gels.

- Giulietta Aggio

I'd had teeth whitening before but I tried Zoom whitening and I feel like it works way better. Very happy with the result

- Jamie Macdonald

Definitely recommend getting in chair whitening, so much better than doing it yourself. I tried a home whitening kit in the past but the results weren't as obvious

- Danny Singh

My Finance decided to get us both teeth whitening before our Big Day. Im so glad I did, the wedding photos say it all! Thank you

- Annie Moreau

Good few options, decided to go with a laser teeth whitening. Top notch results, teeth look great.

- Sam Glover

My teeth are looking fantastic! The difference is like night and day, I've definitely been smiling more since I had my teeth whitened.

- Jennifer Bartling

I phoned up to enquire and ended up having a 15min conversation about all my choices no strings attached. They were so pleasant I ended up going ahead with them instead of another more local practice.

- Mel Gardner

I've used London teeth whitening twice now. They are a very professional team and I've been very pleased with the results every time.

- Georgia Adams