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Home Teeth Whitening

Do you dream of a beautiful white smile? Now you can whiten your teeth easily and safely in the comfort of your own home! Choose from a wide range of peroxide-based whitening treatments available at your dentist's office. These innovative treatments can transform almost any dull smile with beautiful results!

The benefits of home teeth whitening

  • Effective

Enjoy a brighter smile that lasts. Your treatment will need to be repeated at least once every six months for continued results. However, if your teeth are badly stained, you may need to repeat the treatment more often.

  • Safe

You can whiten your teeth yourself without damaging your enamel and gums with your dentist direction. At-home whitening treatments also come with simple instructions to ensure your safety.

  • Variety

Choose from an exciting variety of treatments with your dentist help and you’ll be on your way to whiter teeth in no time!

  • Affordable

A nice smile doesn’t have to cost the earth. our professional home teeth whitening treatment from our dentist can cost from £495, while an in-office treatment can be from £595.

  • Great for busy lifestyles

You can choose when and how often to have your whitening treatment. You now even have the option of night-time whitening trays in your teeth whitening routine.

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Things to consider

  • Be careful to only perform teeth whitening with a GDC registered dentist, they are the only people that can legally perform teeth whitening in the UK, treatments offered by anybody else could lead to gum irritation and damaged enamel.
  • For best results, always follow instructions or your dentist. You can book an appointment with London Teeth Whitening Clinic for further guidance to safely whiten your teeth at home.
  • AAlways brush and floss your teeth before applying a whitening treatment at home. In fact, whitening treatments may be most successful after you've had a professional dental cleaning by a hygienist.

Brighten your smile with London Teeth Whitening Clinic

If you want professional home tooth whitening treatment, or just want to seek further advice on the best whitening treatment for you, London Teeth Whitening Clinic is here to help. Book an appointment with our friendly and experienced team today!

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