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teeth whitening maintenance and after care diet

Teeth Whitening Maintenance And After Care Diet

Your laser teeth whitening treatment is an investment, and so that your new smile will last as long as possible, you must ensure, after treatment, that you do your best to help the great results you have achieved.  We will show you how to avoid tooth discolouration and staining.  

Your Shining smile will start with a visit to Teeth whitening dentists in London.

In the first 48 hours with the laser teeth whitening aftercare diet:

What to eat and what not to eat.

After treatment make sure that you follow a strict ‘white diet’ to avoid the potential for discolouration or staining of your teeth. The stain removal procedure opens the pores of your teeth, so you need to follow the white diet for the forty-eight hours after your treatment to give your teeth time to make the adjustment to treatment.You will only be able to consume white or clear foodstuffs so that the possibility of staining is minimised.

Avoid oranges and lemons as they have a high acidity level, and very cold or very hot food, dairy products (other than skimmed milk), food that contains wheat (pasta and bread) and anything that if you dropped it on clothing would leave a stain such as Bolognese sauce. We have created a list to help you identify what would and would not be ok to consume in the first 48 hours after your tooth whitening:

Food and drink you can have:

Meat and fish: chicken, turkey, Quorn and white fish.

Fruit and veg: bananas, white beans, cauliflower, potatoes excluding chips.

Carbohydrates: white rice and white pitta bread.
Cereals: rice crispies
Confectionary: you can chew white gum.

Dairy: only milk that is skimmed
Soft drinks: sparkling or stillwater, lemonade, tonic water.
Alcohol: white wine, vodka, gin and white rum.

What need to Avoid:

Meat and fish: red meat and coloured fish: tuna and salmon

Fruit and veg: lemons,oranges, plums, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, lettuce, tomatoescarrots, beetroot, green beans, sweetcorn, sprouts broccoli, peas.

Carbohydrates: all breadsas well as pizza bases, brown rice, coloured pasta
Cereals: coloured or wheat based cereals
Confectionary: all chocolate and sweets

Dairy products: butter, full fat milk, cream and margarine
Soft drinks: Orange juice, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, tango, Ribena
Alcohol: red wine, beer, port, Baileysand tea or coffee.

Oral hygiene

Care For First 48 hours:

Don’t brush your teeth for a few hours after your treatment and if your appointment is late in the day, don’t brush until the following day. Use only white toothpaste, don’t use any mouthwash and don’t smoke for a period of at least 24hrs

How to Maintaining your smile?

Once the 48 is up, still be mindful of what you are consuming. Results can last months, however it is the care you take that will determine how long that bright white smile lasts!  Some other steps that will help will be:

  • Using a whitening toothpaste.
  • Eating more dairy for calcium.
  • Visiting your dentist regularly.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking.

09 Mar 2016

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