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Teeth Whitening Strips

Do you have dull, stained, or discoloured teeth? Then a home teeth whitening treatment may be just the solution. In particular, teeth whitening strips are a popular and effective choice – they’re affordable, simple to use and can be made to fit in easily with your lifestyle.

What are teeth whitening strips?

Whitening strips are clear, thin and flexible strips of plastic. They are coated on one side with hydrogen peroxide which works doubly as an adhesive that sticks to the teeth, as well as an effective whitening agent.

How are they used?

You hold the strip over your teeth and press it down into place. Most strips only need to be worn for thirty minutes a day on average before they are removed, although this can vary with different products.

Advantages of whitening strips

  • The simplest method of whitening teeth
  • Avoids messy gels and trays
  • Effective and predictive results
  • Safe with minimal side effects (the whitener is pre-applied for you)
  • Protects the gums (only the inner side of the strip is coated with the whitener)

How do they work?

Once the whitening strip is stuck onto the teeth, the hydrogen peroxide gel breaks down into molecules called free radicals. These molecules in turn break down stains in the tooth enamel.

When will I see results?

Treatment times differ for each different brand of whitening strip depending on the concentration of peroxide used. Feel free to continue using your whitening strips until you see the results you desire.

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