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Teeth Whitening Products

A teeth whitening treatment may be just the solution you’re looking for to transform a dull smile. To accommodate increasing demand, London Teeth Whitening Clinic are proud to offer a variety of cutting-edge teeth whitening products. Each product has its own pros and cons, so it’s important to think about which product best fits in with your lifestyle. Your Teeth Whitening London dentist can give you further guidance on how to achieve the bright smile you’re looking for.

Professional mouth trays with whitening gels

Whitening trays can either be dispensed by your dentist, or bought over the counter. 

For a professional and custom-made whitening tray, you need to book an appointment with London Teeth Whitening Clinic. Impressions of your teeth will be taken to create your mouth tray, which you can fill with a special whitening gel at home. You just need to wear the tray with the gel over your teeth for the time specified by your dentist.


  • Professional and custom-made mouth tray
  • Fits your teeth precisely to protect your lips and gums
  • Doesn't rub or irritate gums


  • Not as fast as laser treatment
  • Must be worn consecutively over a number of nights for best results

Over-the-counter mouth trays with whitening gels

Alternately, over-the-counter whitening trays are a great option for those who already have healthy teeth and gums, and are looking for a cheaper whitening method. They come with a mould that you warm in hot water and bite down on to create an impression of your teeth. You then apply the gel to the mould and place it on your teeth according to package instructions.


  • Affordable
  • Simple and effective
  • No dentist visit required


  • Won’t fit your teeth precisely 
  • May rub and irritate gums
  • Slow results (takes roughly a week)

Whitening strips

Fast, affordable, and easy to use – whitening strips may be the perfect choice for you. The strips are made from a smooth plastic coated in peroxide. Using them is very simple: just apply them to your teeth for however long instructions state (usually around 30 minutes per session).


  • Inexpensive
  • Simple and effective
  • No dentist visit required


  • Chlorine dioxide can damage tooth enamel
  • Strips may not fit correctly and fall off 
  • Slower results (usually takes around two weeks)

Which teeth whitening product is right for me?

  • Time and affordability are important considerations when deciding upon the right whitening product for you. Professional mouth trays and gels tend to be quicker and deliver better results than at-home products. 
  • At-home whitening products may irritate sensitive teeth and gums, whereas a dentist can minimise sensitivity and discomfort with a professional whitening product or treatment. 
  • Professional in-office treatments can also benefit patients with unhealthy teeth and gums. Your dentist can improve your dental health before whitening your teeth. 
  • Consult your dentist to determine which whitening product is right for you.

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