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Your Ideal Diet Following A Teeth Whitening Session

The teeth lose their natural whiteness for of many reasons. Lack of proper oral hygiene, certain medications and even lifestyle or food habits can play a major role in this discolouration. The yellowish stain that appears on the teeth, can lead to a feeling of self-consciousness.

According to a teeth whitening dentist in London, cosmetic dentistry treatment with teeth whitening can help by removing unwanted and unsightly stains from the teeth. This treatment is non-invasive, painless and simple. But it is important to know what you can eat and what you should avoid after teeth whitening treatment, to make the results last longer.

The first 24 hours after a teeth whitening session

Choose your post teeth whitening treatment diet carefully. For the first 24 hours avoid any dark coloured drink like coffee, tea and red wine that may stain the teeth again. Even fruits like berries that may cause staining should be avoided. Eat bananas, or apples that will not stain the teeth. It is also a good idea to avoid raw tomatoes in salads and dishes that contain soy sauce during this period.

Lifestyle check

Simply following a diet isn’t enough to prolong the best results of teeth whitening treatment. If you’re a smoker, try not to light up a cigar or a cigarette for the first 24 hours following the therapy, although it’s best to give up smoking completely to avoid your teeth picking up those unsightly stains again. Smoking or consumption of tobacco in any form exposes the teeth to nicotine, a chemical that is a major cause of teeth staining. Don’t use coloured toothpastes either, during this time.

Things that you should eat

There are lots of food options you can enjoy. If you’re a non-vegetarian, you can go for plain fish and white meat in form of chicken. Vegetarians may opt from white rice, plain pasta with butter and such other foods. It is all right to have dishes that have white sauce in the content.

As far as beverages are concerned, stick to water and milk. We hope that you will find these tips from a renowned cosmetic dentist, associated with the London Teeth Whitening Clinic aimed at prolonging the results of teeth your whitening treatment, helpful

15 Jun 2018