what you should expect before, during and after dental implant procedure

What You Should Expect Before, During And After Dental Implant Procedure

Whether your dentist has suggested performing dental implants as a suitable solution for missing or lost teeth or you are just doing research on dental implants treatment procedure, you may well have lost your confidence while smiling due to missing teeth, and want to do something about it. It is important to know what you should expect before, during and after this surgical procedure.

How to prepare for the procedure:

Since implants involve surgery, a thorough assessment of your mouth will be carried out to assess if you are the right candidate for the procedure. After dental X-rays are taken, teeth impressions will be made by the dentist. A customised treatment plan will be prepared based on the findings.

During the procedure:

Tooth implants differ from one person to another, however, they usually involve these phases:

  • The dental surgeon will remove your damaged tooth/teeth
  • Your jawbone is prepared for surgery that may or may not involve bone grafting.
  • Once the jawbone heals completely, your dental surgeon will place a metal post that will hold the implant into the jawbone.
  • Sufficient time will be left for you to heal properly and allow osseointegration to occur. This is where the jawbone grows with the implant and may require nearly six months to complete. This is an important step in implant procedure as it provides a stable foundation on which the new artificial tooth can anchor.
  • After osseointegration is complete, the surgeon will place an abutment that will act as an attachment for the crown.

The process is usually performed under local anesthesia and involves these steps:

  • Your gum is reopened to expose tooth implant.
  • The dental surgeon attaches abutment to implant.
  • The surgeon closes gum tissue around, but not directly over the abutment.
  • Once the soft tissue heals (a process that usually requires one to two weeks), you willneed more impressions to be taken of your teeth and the jawbone. These molds will enable the dentist to make the crown and place it on top of your abutment, giving a natural-looking artificial tooth.
  • You may choosefromartificial teeth that are fixed, removable or a combination of both. Your dental expert will discuss the pros and cons of each type and then help you choose the right option that will fit your preferences and lifestyle.

Dental implant treatment procedure will involve several visits to the dentist and might take several months to complete as considerable time is dedicated for grafting the jawbone and tooth implant.

After the procedure:

During the healing period, your dentist will suggest eating soft foods to ensure the surgical site heals quickly. Some patients get back to their normal work or work from home the day after the procedure, but it is advised that you take a day or two off to provide complete relaxation to your body.

Potential complications:

Major issues are rare, but common problems with implants or other kinds of dental surgery are:

  • Minor bleeding
  • Swelling in the face or gums
  • Pain at surgical site
  • Bruising of the gums or skin

With any surgical procedure, there are potential complications that include:

  • Certain infections
  • Bone loss around the implant
  • Your body might reject the implant
  • Failed integration of the implant to the bone

Your dentist will provide detailed instructions on how to take care of toothwith effective tips formaintaining good oral hygiene, nutrition and instruction on when you should come backfor check-ups. You may need to replace the implant from time to time due to wear and tear.

If you have any queries about the steps involved or costs related to dental implant treatment, visit our teeth whitening clinic, book a consultation with our friendly dental experts. We will talk to you so that we understand your dental concerns and then tellyou about all your possible options when you undergo dental implant treatment with us.

10 Jul 2018