things you need to know before getting your teeth whitened

4 Things Dentist Wants You To Know Before Getting Your Teeth Whitened

Do you want to a brighter and whiter smile? Then tooth whitening is amongst the best cosmetic dentistry solutions for you, though it is important to consider the possible risks, efficacy and other factors. You may consult with a teeth whitening dentist in Harley Street before undergoing the treatment. Read on to know about 4 things dental expert wants you to know before whitening your teeth.

  • Know about the safety of the treatment – Several options are there for patients who want to whiten teeth. Some of these include – bleaching kits, in-chair treatments and toothpastes. However, patients need to consider if the treatment is safe and conducted properly in a clinical environment. There are many products available online or over-the-counter that can be dangerous for your health if you do not know the amount of bleach they have. If you want to get your teeth whitened, then book an appointment with your dentist so that your mouth remains healthy before performing the treatment.
  • Whitening is suitable for most people – The treatment is very effective for most of the people and the results can bring significant improvements. However, you’ll find some situations where patients may not be suitable for this procedure. For example, individuals who had dental restorations such as bridges or crowns, bonding, tooth colored fillings or veneers will find that the bleaching agents will not work on their teeth. While whitening is a safe method when done properly, it may lead to temporary sensitivity to temperature, pressure and gum irritation. With this in mind, you should see your teeth whitening dentist to evaluate the condition of your teeth and gums, before the treatment.
  • Choose an instant whitening treatment – The Zoom Whitening treatment is an effective way to get your teeth whitened within a short span of time. This could mean you see visible results after an hour whereas Home Whitening may take a little longer time than this. The comfort of whitening teeth at home is quite important for many patients. The result will remainthe same and so patients can select the treatment that suits their requirement.
  • Results may last for almost three years – The effects of teeth whitening may last for near about three years. However, this will differ from one person to the other. The effect will not last long if you are addicted to smoking, eating or drinking things that can cause stain to the teeth. It is also important for the patients to brush and floss dailyin order to maintain good oral hygiene and whiter shade. You may ask your dentist for their suggestion, prior to the treatment.

You may visit London Teeth Whitening Clinic and contact the best teeth whitening dentist to perform the treatment. Thus, you can be assured that the procedure will be done under safe hands only and in a comfortable environment.

23 Mar 2018