pros and cons of teeth whitening

The Pros And Cons Of Teeth Whitening

In this era of social media, people are more self-conscious and self-aware than ever before. As a result, everyone wants to have a smile that is not only brighter but also whiter as well. According to a dental health expert based in London, the treatment has become so common place that people don’t think twice before spending hundreds of pounds on it. Modern dentistry has made unbelievable progress in delivering brighter and whiter teeth.

Thus, veterans providing teeth whitening say, the therapy is assured to provide great rewards.

Advantages of undergoing the teeth whitening therapy

  • Improving the aesthetic quotient is the major reason of the patients undergoing this therapy.
  • With a whiter set of teeth, you’re bound to smile more frequently and wider.
  • This boosts your self-reliance in one hand, while on the other improves your social skills.
  • You get more friends and companions in life to help you sail through all problems smoothly.
  • As your attractive quotient improves with your whiter and brighter teeth, your face becomes more photogenic and camera lenses always manage to find you out in every circumstance.
  • Your confident smile takes the focus away from your ageing skin. Thus, the wrinkles, creases and lines on your face and neck do not become the talking point for your detractors.
  • Teeth coated with dark stains make you less acceptable among your colleagues and peers as compared to a set of bright, shiny set of molars.

Disadvantages of teeth whitening

However, experts in London say teeth whitening has its flip sides as well. These factors include the following:

  • The bleaching agents are potential to cause sore teeth and gums. But this soreness is usually temporary and it gets cured as soon as the bleaching is discontinued. Another word of assurance is this problem arises only if you’re sensitive to the chemicals used in the bleaching agents. In such complexities, you can always request your oral health expert to provide you with an alternative bleaching solution that won’t have any allergic reaction in your mouth.
  • Clinical research carried out extensively confirms, teeth whitening proves to be effective on about 80 people, out of every hundred. Still, the therapy proves ineffective for a handful of patients and this happens mostly because, they require a more powerful bleaching agent considering the more acute condition of discolouration of their teeth.

As such, other cosmetic dentistry like crowns and veneers are much better alternative to teeth whitening. But at the same time, these options are more costly as well. Before trying out with the home whitening kits, it is better that you undergo a through consultation with your dentist.

15 Mar 2018