teeth whitening treatment guide

Your Helpful Guide To Modern Teeth Whitening Treatment

These days, there are several whitening techniques to bleach your teeth. The most common of these procedures is the in-office or in-chair teeth whitening. It uses a powerful bleaching agent and a special light. The light helps the bleaching agent improve the shade of your teeth. This clinical procedure proves ideal to remove tetracycline stains or stains caused by certain medication. It also works superb on streaks that form on your teeth.

On the other hand, a large number of people in London avail the home remedy. It involves making customised trays that perfectly fit into your mouth. The trays are filled with bleaching agent and worn for a few hours at a stretch. Reasults show up within a couple of weeks. According to experts at a renowned teeth whitening clinic in London, the results vary from person to person. This variation occurs due to factors like:

  • Intensity of stain
  • Number of fillings in your mouth
  • Factors that contribute to the stain
  • Crowns installed on the teeth

Teeth staining factors

The factors that stain the teeth include ageing, old fillings in the teeth, excessive consumption of tea, coffee red wine and smoking or chewing tobacco. Even consuming excessive fluoride as a child can lead your teeth to the problem.

Ideal teeth whitening patients

The cosmetic dentistry treatment suits just everyone with healthy teeth. Unless you don’t have crowns and fillings in your teeth, the treatment can do wonders to make your smile appear more beautiful and younger.

Safety measure

The procedure is extremely safe, provided it is performed under the supervision of a dentist. Bleaching agents that are used, don’t destroy the teeth enamel. Precautions are taken so that the corrosive action of the bleaching gel doesn’t affect the gums either.

Turnaround time

Results of in-chair bleaching are available almost instantenously. However, for best results, two sessions are recommended. With the home kit, a thin change to your teeth colour is noticed after the first bleaching session. This change gradually improves in the following days as you keep applying the kit in succession. The final result takes about 7 to 10 days to appear. A combination of both in-chair and home kit is ideal to secure the fastest and long-lasting results.

Side-effects of the treatment

There can be a mild sensitivity to cold right during the bleaching treatment. This inconvenience gets automatically resolved, once the whitening session gets over. But you can minimise this side-effect by cutting down the frequency of wearing the tray at home. In extreme cases of teeth sensitivity, dentists prescribe a fluoride gel to minimise the inconvenience. It is important to note that these are all temporary side-effects that automatically wear away in a short time.

Retaining results

Modern teeth whitening isn’t only safe but also offers long-lasting result. However, the length of retaining the results depend largely on your lifestyle and habits. You may require a touchup treatment every 6 months. Avoiding consumption of tobacco, alcohol, coffee and red wine help retaining the results much longer. These days, tooth whitening toothpastes are readily available in the market that also help securing the results longer.

The way whitening works

First, the dental expert will diagnose your teeth and the gums to make sure you possess a sound oral health. Then the expert will take an impression of your teeth. The custom fit tray will be prepared in the lab based on this impression. The expert will also furnish you with the necessary instructions. It is better to follow those instructions as closely as possible to get faster and desired results. Usually, dentists prefer to start any new teeth whitening treatment with an in-office bleaching session. This hleps you make some idea about how to perform it on your own using the home kit.

Home kits vs. dentist’s supervision

To put it in easy words, the differences are many. There’s a striking differnce between what your teeth needs to make your smile more beautiful and what your overall oral health requires. Thus, both evaluation and supervision of a dental expert are necessary in all teeth whitening cases. Custom trays also fit better in your mouth than those over-the-counter alternatives designed for universal use.

Few additional tips

The best way is to avoid citrus foods for a day or two following a teeth whitening session. Citrus foods are notorious in making the problem of teeth sensitivity more severe. In case the discomfort persists, call the dental practice immediately and seek advice. They may prescribe fluoride reinforcement for your teeth to overcome the problem. Avoid smoking, eating or drinking with the tray attached to your mouth. While using the home kit, it is a good idea to bleach the upper arch of the teeth first. Don’t go for fillings or crowns immediately after your teeth whitening treatment gets over. You should wait at least for a couple of weeks before avialing those treatments. Store the bleach in refrigerator. In case of pregnancy, you must consult your physician before undergoing teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening in London is one of the most popular treatments in the category of cosmetic dentistry. There are many practices that possess excellent success rate in providing this treatment. It is safe and proves to be a great way to make you look younger.

10 Oct 2018