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Stained Teeth And What To Do About Them

Your smile is the first thing people see and we all want to make a great first impression. Discoloration and staining of teeth can make us feel self-conscious. So if the staining on your teeth is getting you down, maybe it is time to visit a reputed dental clinic in London to get that sparkling smile back.

Teeth stains and discoloration of teeth can be due to many different factors. What we eat and drink and simply getting older, can all take a toll on our teeth.

Types of teeth stains - Intrinsic and Extrinsic

Before you undergo teeth whitening treatment, it is important to know whether your stain is::

  • Intrinsic: Caused by particles attacking the enamel turning tooth colour to shiny yellow, red or pink. Generally only a single tooth is affected.
  • Extrinsic: Tiny stain causing particles stick to the tooth surface leading to discoloration. These stains affect the teeth turning them brown, yellow or grey.  

Causes of teeth staining

According to dental experts, any substance that is capable of staining cotton can also affect your teeth. Here are some common causes of tooth staining.

  • Foods and drink like coloured fruits, sauces, wine, tea, coffee, and cola can stain the tooth surface.
  • Smoking and tobacco can cause nicotine stains.
  • Oral bacteria and tooth decay can leave your teeth susceptible to stains.
  • Some genetic factors also contribute to tooth stains due to hereditary discoloration and thinner enamel.
  • Excessive use of fluoride and certain medications cause staining.

Removal of teeth stains

When you notice any kind of stain on your teeth, you will want to deal with it. There are various stain removal techniques that have been adapted by renowned teeth whitening clinics in London. The following are some of them:

  • Use of bleaching agents and gels
  • Use of tooth stain remover eraser and powder
  • Home remedies like baking soda, strawberries, lemon, charcoal, aloe vera, apple, turmeric and raisins can help.
  • Use of teeth whitening strips and kits along with prescribed whitening toothpastes.
  • Cosmetic treatments like crowns, veneers and bridges can be used to hide tooth stains.

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09 Dec 2016