safety tips for teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening Safety Tips To Regain Your Confident Smile

Do you dream to regain your dazzling smile? Well, teeth whitening treatment has actually made this possible within everyone’s reach by giving one and all brighter and whiter teeth so that they smile with confidence. Starting from over-the-counter strips to different treatments available in the dentist’s chamber, there are actually several options for brighter dull, discolored and stained teeth.

Though the side effects are not common when at-home products are used, they can occur anytime. Before you begin with do-it-yourself whitening kit, know how to have whiter and attractive smile.

  • Visit your dentist at first

You should see a experienced teeth whitening dentist near you first who will examine your mouth carefully and then perform professional cleaning, even if you want to whiten teeth at home. You might require a thorough cleaning only to restore your gorgeous smile.

The dentist will also check for tooth cavities and health of your gums during the examination. He will treat your dental problems before you decide to whiten them which are safer for your mouth.

You may ask your dentist about how to use over-the-counter system and how much lightening can be expected. Teeth become dark with age and the amount of color changes from one person to the other.

  • Conduct thorough shopping

You must be aware that at-home whiteners consist of peroxides that are carbamide peroxide, and range from 10% to 20%. Make sure you select a product with peroxide level within the middle of the specific range. If the product does not bother your mouth and fail to provide the lightening effect you want, you may select a higher level.

If you have any queries, your dental practitioner can help you choose the right whitener for your need. You can even ask the dentist in London if teeth bleaching can be performed in your case.

  • Follow the directions carefully

You should not leave the gels or strips for a long time. Otherwise, you may suffer from sore gums and other problems.

After whitening teeth, try not to take sports drinks, soda, or other beverages for a few hours to keep your teeth protected.

  • When to whiten teeth

Pregnant women or nursing mothers should not go for teeth whitening procedure in order to stay on the safe side.

Composite or porcelain bondings and crowns will not lighten up. Thus, if you want to change the color of your teeth, you may need to replace old crowns and fillings to restore your beautiful smile.

  • How to keep your sensitive teeth protected

Your teeth might become sensitive after whitening them, though it is usually done for a short period. It might be any issue if the teeth and gums remain in good shape. However, if it bothers you, it is advised to talk to the dentist and stop the treatment immediately.

The gel-filled trays that are worn over the teeth like a mouth guard can bother the gums in case they do not fit properly. It is a good decision to avoid using the product if you are facing any problem with it.

Make sure you go through the description of the product carefully to obtain the most desired result. Once you attain the shade of your teeth you require, it is essential to repeat the bleaching teeth sessions at least two times in a year. 

28 Dec 2017