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Regain Your Lost Smile With Teeth Whitening Procedure

Do you feel ashamed of your dark-colored or stained teeth? Well if yes, then you are amongst those unlucky individuals who have damaged natural color of teeth. Their immense love for tea, coffee and red wine could probably be one of the reasons why they have lost brightness of their teeth. Thus, tooth whitening is gaining popularity amongst those people who have stained or discolored teeth. Talk to your busy cosmetic dentist in London who can help you perform teeth whitening in a safe and comfortable environment.

How does the procedure work?

Before going into the details of how tooth whitening works, it will be a great idea to explain about how stain marks usually occur.

Teeth are usually made of two layers and these include –

  • Inner softer dentin layer

  • Harder outer enamel layer

When you drink tea, coffee, red wine or smoke, some kind of foreign material gets deposited and form a layer at the top of outer enamel layer. This is called pellicle film that can be scraped away by the dentist. Some of it can even be brushed or removed with tooth whitening toothpastes. However, it will not be removed completely and as it collects on the enamel to penetrate deep into the tooth. Once the film gets deep inside your tooth, brushing cannot remove it. Though stains will cause no harm, they look unattractive and as such, people decide to go for tooth whitening treatment.

What does tooth whitening involve?

In this procedure, bleaching agent is used in the form of carbamide peroxide and hydrogen that are used in two methods. These are:

  • In-clinic treatments and

  • DIY treatments

In-clinic treatment is performed by a cosmetic dentist who will choose the right procedure for your stained or discolored teeth problems. The treatment usually involves a laser beam of light that is applied on the tooth to perform the whitening procedure quickly.

At home procedure, on the other hand, is done where the dentist takes an impression of your teeth and mouth to prepare customised trays that will cover your teeth. The patient manages a thin gel at home and then wears them for nearly 2 days in a day or at night during sleep. You will notice the difference within 1-2 weeks but this may even require 6 weeks to attain the most desired results for individuals who have dark stained teeth.

Though both the procedures are effective as well as safe, they will deliver satisfying results when done by a good cosmetic dentist. So, if you are unhappy with your yellowish or stained teeth, visit London Teeth Whitening where our dental surgeons will help you with a wide range of dental treatments including teeth whitening. Once your teeth get whitened, you will regain your attractive smile and, at the same time, boost your confidence level. Make sure you follow effective teeth whitening tips given by the dentist to have strong and healthy teeth for life.

03 Jul 2017