ask the dentist before teeth whitened

What You Should Ask The Dentist Before You Have Your Teeth Whitened

Do you have dark, stained and discolored teeth? If you do, then one of the popular dental treatments chosen by patients to correct this is professional tooth whitening. Most people want to retain their teeth colour throughout their life and so; it is no big surprise that everyone wants whiter teeth, whatever their age. Teeth whitening can help you to achieve agorgeous smile and confident look.

3 Types of Bleaching

1. In-office bleaching : This method involves applying a special bleaching gel to your teeth at the dentist's clinic. Since it has strong bleaching power, the gel is applied by the dentist to your teeth. It stays on for nearly 20 minutes each time it is applied. The process is usually repeated three times, depending on how white you want your teeth and how sensitive they become after the initial application is done. Custom bleach trays are usually supplied to use at home for "touch ups". In-office bleaching will usually give the best results.

2. Custom tray home use : This process is quite similar to in-office bleaching, but the patient performs bleaching at home by usinga milder formula of the bleaching gel. You will wear the trays for almost an hour a day for two weeks andyour teeth will  be whitened. The method is less expensive than in-office bleaching, and is suitable for patients who have sensitive teeth.

3. Use of bleaching toothpaste : This is said to be the most inexpensive and least effective way to whiten teeth. Most adults brush their teeth for 45 seconds only and this is not enough time for teeth to be whitened. The gel used in the tooth paste is not that strong. Some people will get suitable results after professional cleaning by the dental hygienist and may then go on to use bleaching tooth paste.

Other possible methods can help to whiten teeth, although they are not recommended. They are expensive and have the potential risks of teeth sensitivity and gum disease, these procedures are:

1.    Whitening strips : These strips consist of a weak version of bleaching gel that is used by the dentist. The application of these strips can be quite difficult for a patient to do and it does not work properly on straighter teeth. The material used on the strip may burn the surrounding gums in case if the strip has not been applied properly.

2.    Whitening by laser or light : Though Although patients who undergo this procedure have reported about initial whitening of teeth, many times often the teeth restores revert to their its actual pre-treatment colour. There arealso cases when the teeth become highly sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks.

You may talk to your dentist at the London Teeth Whitening clinic to find out about the different kinds of bleaching procedures available. You will have an initial assessment of the teeth and gums, before getting your teeth whitened so that any cavities or gum irritation can be taken care of. Having professional teeth whitening carried out by the dentist will help you to achieve healthy looking teeth and an attractive smile.

20 Jul 2018