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Laser Teeth Whitening London Guide

How Does Laser Teeth Whitening Work?

In the past the most common way that teeth were whitened was with a whitening solution made up of hydrogen peroxide or something similar. This type of whitening could be done at home or in the dentist’ chair. This kind of whitening typically takes several days to a week. As the demand for tooth whitening has increased dentists have developed treatments using certain types of lights to speed up the reaction and produce whiter teeth faster. This kind of treatment cannot be done at home and can only be undertaken by an experienced and suitably qualified dentist.

Whatever whitening treatment is used the process is the same by releasing oxygen ions from a tooth whitening gel, lifting the stains from teeth. Laser can also be used to whiten teeth one at a time, which is helpful when staining is not evenly distributed over all the teeth. Laser follows this process and does it quicker.

The Steps of Laser Teeth Whitening:

When you decide that you want to have your teeth whitened an established procedure is in place that your dentist will follow.

The Screening.

In pregnancy and adolescence the advise is that laser teeth whitening should be delayed although if the staining is a major concern for a teen the dentist will carry out tooth whitening closely supervising the young patient. Checking the gums to ensure that they are not receding enough to expose a large amount of tooth root will also be undertaken because tooth roots resist bleaching.

Before Treatment.

Your teeth will be cleaned by a hygienist before laser teeth whitening, and all cavities and other defects will be treated because the whitening solution will otherwise be able to penetrate into the interior of the tooth.

Your Medication.

All the forms of tooth whitening can cause sensitivity to teeth and this is significant in people who already suffer from sensitivity. Your dentist might offer some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication to combat sensitivity.

Whitening Treatment.

Once you are ready for the whitening treatment to begin your dentist will protect your gums with a barrier usually in the form of a gel.  Next the dentist will use a syringe and apply the whitening solution to the front teeth. Then a laser will be used to work over the teeth causing foaming. It is this foam that lifts the stains from the teeth. When all the teeth have been laser whitened then the compound will be allowed to stay on the teeth for a bit longer and then a small vacuum tool will be used to remove the gel. This process might be repeated up to three times. Finally it will be time to rinse and then have the protective layer removed from your gums.

Post Whitening:

No tooth whitening process will be permanent because the teeth will become stained again by the things that we eat and drink. Because of this you will need to make appointments for some follow up whitening sessions although this will vary from individual to individual. Results can last anything from 6 months to several years. Some increased sensitivity after whitening is normal and the severity of this can vary widely.

If you think you are ready for laser whitening London, then call us today. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and offer you the chance to have the white bright smile you have been longing for.

04 Jul 2016