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Improving Smiles And Boosting Self-Reliance Through Teeth Whitening

Whiter teeth undeniably boost one’s confidence, which reflects in a more attractive smile that one exhibits. That’s why an ever increasing number of people, in London, are eagerly queuing up at their neighbourhood dental practice to receive the specialised treatment. But as such, striking popularity of this procedure does not mean all the scepticisms about it have been put to rest once and for all.

What actually is Teeth Whitening?

It is a procedure by which you can bleach the teeth to make them appear much lighter shades. However, even the best teeth whitening clinic in London will never guarantee to make the teeth sparkling white through the procedure.

Who are capable to perform the treatment?

The exclusive dental treatment can be performed either by a dentist. Even, a dental hygienist or a dental therapist can provide the service though they need to follow the prescription issued by a registered oral health surgeon.  

Unfortunately, a number of beauty salons too offer the service. This option is best avoided however, because most of these establishments do not have any association with oral health specialists. Thus, you may eventually, end up damaging your teeth and gums in the process. On the other hand, DIY kits are widely available so that one can perform the procedure at home. Though this approach may also carry some risk.

What is the procedure involved?

Teeth whitening – like most of the dental treatments – involves a number of procedures. First, the professional provides you with a customised mouth guard by taking the impression of the teeth. Then, the whitening gel or the medicated substance containing hydrogen peroxide or any other bleaching agent is applied to the teeth. This procedure may last from a couple of weeks to a month, varying from case to case.

However, there is another type of therapy, known as laser whitening or power whitening. In this approach, a bleaching agent is first applied to the molars and then a laser ray is projected on them, which facilitates whitening. The overall procedure lasts hardly an hour or so.

Is the facility available on NHS?

According to the norms, you can only have this treatment on NHS if there is medical reason behind it. Suppose, your molars have become discoloured because the nerves underneath the natural crowns  has died. In such case, one is certainly eligible for the treatment.

How to secure better results from the procedure?

According to experts providing London teeth whitening, you should clean the teeth before going for the whitening treatment. Otherwise, the existing plaques and tartars will spoil your new and more attractive smile.

It is also to be noted that teeth sensitivity is a normal side-effect of this cosmetic dental procedure. In 9 out of every 10 cases, patients complain about this problem. If you want to avoid this side-effect, it is better to consult your expert beforehand and get proper solutions in hand, before the treatment starts.

19 Oct 2016