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5 Important Teeth Whitening Insights To Ensure Better Results

Smile is the best way to build and establish new connections, even with complete strangers. If you are, however, concerned about your smile, then making new relationships with people may be difficult. This is where the modern cosmetic dentistry comes in handy with its teeth whitening treatment. As one of the most popular treatments across dental practices in the UK, teeth whitening has come a very long way.

A lot of the teeth whitening treatments have evolved over the years in order to make the procedures more convenient for patients. Before you commit to one of these procedures, you must be aware of some things about this incredibly popular treatment. In this blog, Dr. Siavash Mirfendereski, a renowned teeth whitening dentist in London will share facts about this popular dental cosmetic treatment that you will find very valuable.

Dr Mirfendereski is also associated with the London Teeth Whitening – an exceptionally popular oral health clinic located on Wimpole Street in Marylebone.

Some important teeth whitening facts

  • First visit your dentist if you have sensitive teeth: You can be rest assured that sensitive teeth are not a deal-breaker in teeth whitening. But of course, certain extra precautionary measures are a must with such patients. Therefore, you must visit your dentist first before getting your teeth whitened. Your dentist will apply a de-sensitising treatment on the teeth so that you feel more comfortable both during and after the teeth whitening procedure. You are never disqualified from a teeth whitening treatment for having sensitive teeth. Rather, the presence of teeth cavities and lack of healthy gums are the two major factors that rule you out from getting the treatment.
  • Uniformly, white teeth you see only in ads for teeth whitening products and not in reality: The treatment procedure may or may not make all your teeth uniformly white. You should accept this fact before going for the treatment. You can make your yellow teeth white again by undergoing a teeth whitening treatment but teeth that are naturally greyish usually do not whiten much. On the other hand, crowns, veneers and fillings remain unaffected by the whitening treatment. All these factors sum up to prevent your teeth from getting whiter even after undergoing a thorough whitening treatment.
  • Be attentive to how your teeth respond to the treatment: Suppose you use a hair dye and suffer from skin irritation. Will you go on about using that product again? The same is applicable to teeth whitening products. A little sensitivity in the teeth right after a cosmetic whitening procedure is normal. But, if you suffer from excessive sensitivity that results in severe inconvenience then you should obviously look for a better alternative.
  • Home teeth whitening kits do not provide miracles: These days, a wide range of home teeth whitening kits are available. These products provide different standards of whitening effects on the teeth. Some of the home kits are capable of delivering satisfactory results. But certainly, they cannot give you a movie star-like grin with a single application. Home kits can make your teeth whiter by 3 to 5 shades over a period of time while in-chair whitening gives better results much faster.

London Teeth Whitening offers one of the most reasonable prices for teeth whitening in the entire London area and its neighbouring counties. Their price start from £495. Keep in mind that you can also get a home kit for a fraction of the price.. If you are concerned about how to remove stains between teeth please feel free to contact here. They offer fresh offers on the treatment every month that prove profitable for patients.

  • Explore the at-home options carefully: A large variety of home teeth whitening kits are available on the market. You should explore all of those options carefully before making your choice. Custom trays are the best option in providing the most satisfactory results followed by whitening strips. But if you are satisfied with moderate whitening effects and want to avoid all risks at the same time then whitening toothpastes are ideal. This range of toothpastes contain active ingredients to remove unsightly stains from the outer teeth surface.

These are some of the interesting secrets about teeth whitening to make your smile beautiful. Last but not least, you should never ever approach any skincare or cosmetic expert to get this treatment done. Teeth whitening must be done only under the instruction and supervision of a qualified dentist.

02 Sep 2019