teeth whitening during pregnancy

How Safe Teeth Whitening Treatment Is In Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a unique phase in life for any woman. They often start to appear more glowing and brighter than usual. Science tells us that this radiance occurs because their skin keeps receiving more oil and blood during this period. But a renowned dentist in London warns that this natural glow of the skin does not benefit their teeth and so, women that are pregnant must really watch out and take extra care of their teeth.

Apart from an aesthetic appeal point of view, it is also crucial to ascertain what is safe and what is not for a mother and the baby in her womb. Is teeth whitening safe during pregnancy? This is a debate that has been going on for a long time. The answer to this is not as simple as a yes or a no since every expert has a different opinion on the matter.

Dr. Siavash Mirfendereski – a reputed dentist in London associated with the London Teeth Whitening – takes his stance on the given aspect. It is relevant mentioning that his practice is a premiere destination in the city for smile improvement and is located on Wimpole Street in Marylebone.

Teeth whitening during pregnancy – facts to consider

Currently no research data is available: How safe is teeth whitening for pregnant women? Although the question is very common from dental patients all over the UK, very little research has been done in this particular field till date. In lack of any hardcore scientific evidence, it is indeed tough to decide whether teeth whitening is safe during pregnancy.

Considering the fact that an active ingredient or chemical – in form of hydrogen peroxide – is used, it is better to withhold the procedure until later.

There are several reasons to draw this conclusion. The reasons are as following:

  • Your body is likely to absorb the bleaching agent or the powerful chemical: As an active chemical, hydrogen peroxide damages the tissues inside the mouth to some extent during teeth whitening. During pregnancy, a woman is expected to be more vulnerable to such damages. Moreover, a part of the active chemical is also expected to be absorbed by her body. This way, the chemical is likely to come in contact with the baby in the womb. In order to keep both the mother and the child safe, teeth whitening procedures are better to be avoided for pregnant women.
  • Reaction between amalgam fillings and hydrogen peroxide: Another risk factor for teeth whitening in pregnant women is the possibility of a chemical reaction between the silver amalgam fillings in your teeth and hydrogen peroxide. As a result of the reaction, the metal fillings are likely to release more metal ions than usual. As one of the metals present in the fillings is Mercury (Hg), the overall development is likely to have a harmful effect on both the would-be mother and the child in her womb. Considering this possibility, experienced dentists for teeth whitening in London suggest replacing metal fillings with white composite fillings while treating teeth caries.
  • Gums turn more sensitive during pregnancy: The gums are usually a little swollen and sore in pregnant women. Therefore, one must take optimum care to ensure an overall great oral hygiene during pregnancy to avoid gum infections. Hydrogen peroxide present in bleaching agents is likely to damage the gums which may have serious after-effects in the near future. 

How long should the wait be?

Our dentist suggests that if you want to be on the safer side you must avoid having a teeth whitening treatment until you’ve stopped breastfeeding your little bundle of joy. While you’re still breastfeeding your child, the harmful actions of hydrogen peroxide may reach your child through your breast milk and affect his or her wellbeing.

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16 Sep 2019