home tooth whitening kits or in-chair sessions

Home Tooth Whitening Kits And In-Chair Sessions: Which Is Better

Bright, beautiful and white teeth are a basic requirement, period.

It is also crucial to focus on the safety aspect of teeth whitening. Is teeth whitening completely safe for our oral health? Does it or does it not affect the teeth and the gums in one way or the other? These are the questions you should ask when considering doing it yourself or leaving it to a professional.

Multiple treatment options

Teeth whitening is a very broad term in the world of modern cosmetic dentistry. There is a wide variety of treatments available in the range of teeth whitening, which include:

  • Whitening toothpastes
  • Whitening trays
  • UV rays
  • Laser-involved procedure
  • Whitening strips

For each of these procedures, you need to follow different precautionary measures.

Home kits

You go to any supermarket or departmental store, you’ll see home teeth whitening kits lining the shelves in the oral health section. Are these commercial products equally effective in providing results at par to the in-chair treatment sessions?

In short, the answer is no. It won’t be unfair to say, this wide range of commercial products is only available on the shelves because they meet the British Dental Association (BDA) guideline. According to this guideline, home whitening kits should not contain anything above 0.1% of hydrogen peroxide – a crucial component used in such products. On the other hand, registered dentists are allowed to use up to 6% hydrogen peroxide on their patients during an in-chair session. Thus, the results are bound to vary widely.

Moreover, an oral health expert possesses the necessary skills and experience to make your molars shine brighter. He can cater to your specific needs and provide an excellent result. Over-the-counter kits are made to be generic, so that everyone can use them. Thus, these products fail to deliver results as impressive as in-chair alternative.

Popularity of teeth whitening in London is rising steadily. But it’s important for you to be careful enough so that your chosen procedure delivers high-quality whitening effect and does no damage to your teeth and gums at the same time.

10 Nov 2017