foods to eat and avoid for teeth

5 Foods To Eat And Avoid For Your Teeth

If you desire to improve your dental health, we recommend that you follow healthy food habits in order to keep your mouth in a good condition. If you have stained or discoloured teeth, perform a teeth whitening treatment from experienced dentists in order to get brighter and whiter teeth. You will have to limit the consumption of certain foods and instead stick to eating foods like the recommended below.

Right foods to eat for the teeth

  • Cheese and dairy products – Dairy products contain high amount of protein and calcium that strengthens the tooth enamel. Cheese, yogurt, milk and other dairy products are other good sources for your teeth.
  • High-fiber foods – Fiber keeps the flow of saliva which helps to eliminate bacteria and fight against decay. Beans, leafy greens and fresh fruits have high amount of fiber in them.
  • Water – You should drink sufficient amount of water daily since it helps to rinse off food particles and keeps the level of saliva high.
  • Sugar-free gums – These keep your teeth protected by increasing the flow of saliva. Chew a sugar-free gum after each meal as it helps to get rid of food particles stuck within the teeth.
  • Lean protein – Some foods such as – fish, chicken, eggs and different red meats have phosphorus in them which is necessary for your body to absorb calcium fully.

Foods that can damage your teeth

  • Acidic foods – The acids present in candy, wine and citrus fruits may wear down the calcium that has formed in your teeth thus, creating opportunities for tooth erosion.
  • Sodas – Soft drinks contain higher levels of acidity and calcium which are harmful to your teeth. Talk to a dental practitioner in London to find out if you need to undergo a teeth whitening treatment to get brighter teeth.
  • Sports drinks – Though sports drinks help you to rehydrate during physical exercises, they often have high amount of sugar in them. It is suggested to restrict consuming sports drink and stick to drinking lots of water.
  • Alcohol – Alcohol will dry out your mouth and cause stains on the teeth by preventing saliva from doing its work.
  • Sugary candies – Eating candies may cause tooth decay in almost all age groups. You should limit the number of candies you eat and drink sufficient amount of water to wash out the remaining sugars that may harm your teeth.

Make sure you know what you eat and drink to protect your oral health. Reduce the consumption of foods that may damage your teeth and go for healthy alternatives. Besides that, you may visit a private dentist for routine check-ups and thorough mouth cleanings to have a healthy mouth and brighter smile.

27 Feb 2019