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10 Lesser-Known Facts About Teeth Whitening You Must Know

In this age of innovations and advancements, people are turning down the idea of undergoing teeth whitening treatments. It is so; because they are unaware of the results and side effects of the whitening procedure. Hence, this blog will make you clear regarding all its doubts and misconceptions with the useful tips for teeth whitening. Read on to know them.

Maintain your teeth whitening with below reliable tips:

1. Teeth are like sponges and it absorbs:

Just like sponges and skin, teeth also have small invisible pores. Basically, the colour of various foods and beverages like dark berries, coffee, wine and smoking get absorbed by these pores and end up with stained teeth over time.

It will not get eliminated on its own and you have to use clinically-formulated teeth whitening gel to get rid of it from deep. Along with time, your teeth will be able to retain its lost natural whiteness.

2. Teeth whitening never cause any damage to the teeth:

Aggressive brushing can cause extensive damage to your teeth which is why professional teeth whitening highly recommended. It is also safe on your teeth and professional teeth whitening dentist in London uses right active ingredients for opening the pores of the teeth temporarily to eliminate the stains from deep. Your teeth will rehydrate and remineralise naturally after every session of the treatment.

3. Right devices are the key factor for teeth whitening:

Besides using active ingredients, custom-made whitening tray can be your best companion to whiten the teeth from its every possible angle. There is nothing to worry about if your teeth are not in proper alignment because it is customised and can act effectively in every type of situation.

UV lights, whitening trays and whitening strips offer the consistent coverage so that you can get the impressive smile within a short span of time.

4. Custom-fitted whitening trays are quite affordable:

Custom fitted trays are enough affordable and you can visit any teeth whitening treatment clinic near me to know the estimated expense of the treatment. Price is also depended on the severity of the stains on your teeth.

Rather spending a high amount of money for multiple appointments and sessions of the treatment, you can visit us at London Teeth Whitening which will save you with money and offer the desirable result in its first session. You will be assured with the best result at a reasonable price.

5. Sensitivity is normal post-treatment:

Natural sensitiveness in the teeth is primarily caused due to a number of factors like damaged/cracked teeth, thin enamel and genetics. After undergoing the teeth whitening treatment resensitivity is quite obvious.

It will last for maximum 36 hours and will be unable to insulate its nerve from changing temperatures. Hence, hygienists and dentists advise the patient to undergo post-whitening fluoride treatment for promoting rehydration and offer the necessary nourishment to the teeth.

6. UV or laser whitening procedure is temporary:

UV (Ultra-Violet or Laser) is a unique light frequency which accelerates the performance of the whitening gel. This FDA regulated procedure only offers under the supervision of the experienced cosmetic dentists. Though the procedure acts very fast yet it is not offered to the patients with teeth sensitivity.

You will get the temporary results which will be retained with the help of the follow-up dental appointments and custom-fitted teeth whitening trays. Moreover, it is time consuming and expensive at the same time. Some clinics perform the treatment with Blue LED lights which is not effective at all as these are unable to emit the vital UV (Ultra-Violet) frequency.

7. Stains cannot be eliminated overnight:

There are no teeth whitening products available which can whiten your teeth within a day or a few hours. Chemically, no agent or active ingredient can penetrate the teeth’s pores immediately.

If it’s possible, then there will be no necessity of the custom-made teeth whitening trays to achieve the most gorgeous smile you are longing for! Basically, some products take 4 days while on the other hand certain products consume a few months to penetrate the pores and reach inside and to remove the stains from your teeth.

As per the layer of your teeth stain, the number of sessions will be decided for your teeth whitening treatment. Once, you get the desirable whitening shade you are looking for so long, it can be easily maintained in the long haul.

8. Veneers and caps can’t be whitened:

Artificial materials including installed veneers and caps cannot be whitened. These are custom-made so that it perfectly matches with the colour of the surrounded teeth. Therefore, it cannot be changed to any other colour. Furthermore, both of these never get stained or whitened at the same time. Also, this treatment doesn’t cause any harm to any other dental works.

9. Whiten the teeth before bedtime:

Restaining is highly susceptible immediately after the treatment (no matter which product you have used). The pores get opened and allow the stains to get in. As per the top cosmetic dentists you must perform the treatment just before your bedtime as it alleviates the chances of staining again.

Moreover, your teeth get enough time for remineralising and rehydrating. You may use infused desensitising gel for the necessary replenishment and nourishment of your teeth.

10. Perfect white cannot be obtained:

Apart from the stains, natural colour of the teeth is set at the birth time. After removing the accumulated stains completely, even you can’t retain the perfect whiteness. It is because of your teeth’s natural whiteness level. Yet there are a few teeth whitening clinics that facilitated you with the 45-day money-back guaranteed treatment. You can perform your treatment from any one of those!

Hope, all your doubts regarding the teeth whitening treatment procedures have cleared. You can visit your dentist today to undergo this most effective treatment. For more query about our procedures for this treatment, you may contact us at 02071830357.

18 Oct 2019