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factors affecting teeth whitening results

8 Important Factors Affecting The Results Of Whitening Method

It is very easy to hide stain marks on your clothes but just impossible to mask discolored teeth. This is why people are now opting to undergo teeth whitening procedure and restore their brighter teeth. Starting from purchasing at home kits to over the counter products, you may choose the right option for your need. Well, the thought of getting your teeth whitening might be too tempting but before performing the treatment, you must know that the results can differ to certain extent from one person to the other. This blog discusses about some factors to consider based on your daily habits that can influence the success of your treatment.

  • Natural teeth color – The actual shade of the teeth can have a great impact on teeth whitening procedure Your normal teeth are slightly yellowish as the enamel consists of a translucent material that denotes yellow-tinted substance called dentin. So, people who have yellow colored teeth will respond to the whitening treatment in a better way. But people who have gray or brown colored teeth might find it difficult to bleach and they need several treatments for improving the shade properly.
  • Consumption of food – Though the teeth have slightly yellow color, the darker shades denote there are stain marks. The amount of discoloration will turn worse when you consume colored foods and drinks like tea, coffee, berries, red wine and others. If you have extremely dark colored teeth, then this can lead to extensive bleaching method. But if you have recently performed in-office bleaching, make sure you do not consume these for the next 72 hours after the treatment. Or else, the results won’t be visible as the teeth are already covered with stains.
  • Change your lifestyle – If you are addicted to smoking and have the habit of taking tobacco, then this can cause discoloration of your tooth. The tar-based products and nicotine can be absorbed easily through tiny pores in the teeth which can lead to brown patches thus, making them difficult to bleach than the yellow shade.
  • Improper dental hygiene – Despite how effective the whitening method might be, you will have darker shade teeth unless you maintain good oral hygiene habits. It is extremely important that you brush teeth daily and drink sufficient water after taking each meal to rinse mouth thoroughly. It is suggested that you do not ignore the instructions of your dentist at anytime.
  • Age factor – Children who are below 16 years are not allowed to perform whitening treatment for attaining whiter and brighter teeth. Also, their teeth may not have grown completely and whitening can lead to uneven color of your teeth.
  • Surface of the teeth – The bleaching method is very effective for your natural teeth when compared to dental bridges, crowns, veneers or bonding. If you have thin surface of your tooth, then this might be a great advantage as the gel can penetrate easily.
  • Kind and concentration of whitening agent – There are several procedures and ingredients in the whitening treatment. Using hydrogen peroxide is the commonly used ingredient and the dentist will apply greater amount of it than using home whitening kits. But the higher level of concentration will not usually equate to deliver improved results. So, in-house treatment is more effective as the dentists know the exact amount of peroxide needed for your improved dental health. They even use the latest technologies such as LED light and laser that can accelerate the bleaching method.
  • Time needed for whitening treatment – Though some dental clinics ensure to deliver guaranteed results in a single visit only, other practices need a series of treatments for your whitened teeth. If you opt for home remedies, then this will usually take a few days or weeks for the treatment to attain the most desired results.

Thus, the method for teeth whitening won’t end in the bleaching procedure itself. You need to practice proper oral hygiene in order to achieve the best results. As teeth whitening require proper attention, it is suggested to perform office-based procedures for your case. You can visit at to book your appointment for in-office teeth whitening procedure.


08 Feb 2021