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Everything Know About Enlighten And Zoom Teeth Whitening

Enlighten, and Zoom treatments are new teeth whitening procedures. With these two new teeth whitening treatments, you can get whiter teeth and the brighter smile that you desire. However, with the numerous teeth whitening options available, choosing the right one may be difficult. You may have a hard time deciding if you should go for any of the home whitening kits or in-office whitening.

Choosing between the Enlighten and Zoom teeth whitening may even be more challenging because these options are a bit expensive and you would not want to spend at least £900 in getting any of them only to get a less-than-perfect result.

Read on to know which options are better between Enlighten and Zoom whitening.

Enlighten teeth whitening


  • You can lighten your teeth for up to 16 shades, but you cannot get this result with any other whitening system without damaging your teeth.
  • You can top-up your treatment whenever you desire at home. All you need is an extra tube of serum-styling gel, which you would dab a little on a mouth guard then wear the mouth guard overnight.
  • The whitening effect of Enlighten teeth whitening can last as long as 4 – 5 year except you always take stain-causing foods in large quantities
  • You can see your teeth looking brighter within a few days after you start using it.
  • You can control the result of your treatment. if you want your teeth looking naturally white, you will discontinue the treatment when your teeth get to that shade


  • It takes up to three weeks after your first appointment to complete your treatment. During the appointment, your dentist will take your teeth impressions using a gooey-blu-tack material to make your clear plastic mouth guards. The teeth impressions will guide the dentist to make mouth guards that will perfectly fit your teeth. You will apply a clear and green serum on the mouth guards daily then sleep with them every day for two weeks. After two weeks, your dentist will carry out the final laser treatment.
  • You might experience tooth sensitivity, but your dentist will give you an anti-sensitivity toothpaste to use during your treatment to minimise the effect of the sensitivity. Your teeth may feel a bit dried out in the mornings after you wear your whitening trays.
  • You cannot take food or drinks with strong colours like red wine, black coffee or tomato-based foods.

Zoom teeth whitening (in-office)


  • You only need a visit to your dentist, and your teeth can get white by up to five or six shades.
  • You can always have a top-up when you need a quick fix
  • The procedure is no longer painful due to advancements in the procedure’s technology
  • Treatment only lasts for one and a half hour then you can go about your normal activities.


  • You may have a weird feeling during your treatment because your dentist will put a rubber material over your mouth and lips. Next, your dentist will apply a bleaching product and use a UV light on your teeth to activate the bleaching product.
  • Your dentist will repeat the treatment procedure about three to four times with an interval of 15 minutes between each cycle. Your dentist will apply the gel, activate it with UV light, then switch the light off and clean your teeth before repeating the process.
  • The whitening effect of ZOOM whitening treatment lasts for a year, and then you would need a top-up session.

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02 Oct 2020