gleaming smile with teeth whitening

Ensure A Gleaming Smile With Teeth Whitening

It’s often the case that you are set in your the daily oral care routine to keep your teeth white, bright and shiny. But despite all the effort, you come across the problem of tooth discoloration and stains. Heart breaking, isn’t it? Having whiter teeth is often the motive for a majority of patients who seek cosmetic dentistry. Advancing technologies and dental science have made this purpose achievable for you. You can consult a reputed dental practice in London for teeth whitening. The effective treatment serves you with exceptional satisfactory results. Continue reading to know about the process and the reasons behind your changing tooth color.

Reason behind the change in tooth color

There are various factors than can turn your teeth pale and yellow. If you find any of the below-mentioned factors common with your lifestyle or if you are a victim of tooth discolouration, visit your dentist for teeth whitening in London.
Know about some of the common responsible factors:

  • Increasing age – Your outer layer of the teeth called enamel, depletes with time due to regular brushing. This exposes the inner layer dentin which is yellow in color, thus, making your teeth look discolored.

  • Tobacco consumption – The poisonous contents of tobacco – nicotine and tar are not only harmful for the lungs but also for your teeth. Nicotine is colourless until it mixes with oxygen creating a strong yellowing substance. The tar, a naturally dark substance forms stubborn stains on your tooth’s surface.

  • Food and Beverages – Coffee, wine and tea have a common substance called chromogens that sticks to the tooth enamel turning it pale in color. Therefore, it is advised to limit the intake of these common beverages for a healthy and bright smile.

  • Certain medications – Tooth discolouration can also be an effect of antipsychotics, antihistamines and high blood pressure capsules. Chemotherapy is another crucial factor affecting your tooth color.

Teeth whitening treatment

When you decide to have teeth whitening in London, your dentist will discuss the various available options for the process, such as:

  • Over-the-counter Whitening Products – You can purchase whitening toothpastes from the market to remove surface stains. The toothpastes have mild abrasives that work on your enamel to make it look whiter. Some medicated brightening toothpastes have special chemicals that polish your enamel and removes stain effectively. 

  • At-Home Bleaching – This is a self-whitening process where you will be provided with a kit containing whitening trays and gel. The gel contains peroxide that bleaches the tooth enamel. You just need to fill the trays with peroxide gel and fit it on your teeth for some hours. This process must be repeated for a week to achieve the desired results.

  • In-Chair Bleaching – This method is performed by your dentist in his office. The process involves bleaching your enamel with a strong whitening gel with a laser beam for enhancing results. The treatment tales almost an hour for the completion leaving you with an instant brighter and sparkling smile.

London Teeth Whitening is a reputed dental practice that offers efficient methods of lightening your tooth color with excellent care and safety. It is a right option if you are looking forward for an enhanced and attractive smile.

23 Sep 2016