enlighten teeth whitening

Enlighten Teeth Whitening : Crucial Points In A Nutshell

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments across the UK. As such, it is one of the most effective, as well as easily affordable ways to improve one’s quality of smile. Considering the tremendous commercial prospect, a wide and impressive range of products to facilitate teeth whitening is readily available in the market.

Keeping in sync with the evolution of newer range of the products, technology used in the treatment is neither lagging behind. Enlighten teeth whitening is one such latest technology widely used in the industry. It is also relevant to mention here in the ongoing context that this particular teeth whitening technology invariably makes a stunning difference in improving one’s smile and boosting self-confidence.

In manufacturing the products to facilitate teeth whitening, one has to come across a major roadblock. The products should be free from ingredients that can have abrasive effect on your teeth and the gums. In the bygone 18th century, usually, people used to suffer from severe tooth decay after a certain age. This is because the practice of applying acid to whiten the teeth was rampant in the society.

Gradually, as the science of teeth whitening came into existence, such weird, harmful practices have been abandoned. The Enlighten approach includes both in-chair and home kits with variation in strengths and application procedures.

The biggest factors behind unparalleled popularity of Enlighten teeth whitening process are its pain-free approach and safety from any unwanted side-effect. It is also important to mention its efficiency in delivering expected results. There’re innumerable brands of products under the Enlighten teeth whitening technology. Some of these brands can whiten your teeth by up to 10 shades without any unwanted side-effect.

The whiteness of one’s teeth depends on a number of factors, including one’s

  • Teeth type
  • Normal diet and
  • Lifestyle

Thus, it is indeed tough to guarantee a certain standard of whiteness from such products for every patient. Even the degree of stain on your teeth has to be taken into account before guaranteeing such assured result. In fact you should have a thorough discussion with your oral healthcare provider beforehand to get a dazzling smile through enlighten teeth whitening.

Considering the ease of use, many people prefer using the home Enlighten kit. This range of the product comes in various strengths and on an average takes about 4 weeks to show results. There’s also a particular kit, which offers both home and in-chair whitening. The final part of the whitening process is done in a dentist’s office, under the supervision of the expert. This enlighten teeth whitening treatment delivers faster and stronger results.

Sensitivity in the tooth is a common side-effect of this cosmetic dentistry treatment. However, treatment with the Enlighten technology is guaranteed to safeguard the enamel coating of your teeth under every circumstance. The whitening effect usually lasts for 3 years, provided you take sufficient care of your molars and avoid stain-causing foods and drinks like red win, coffee and others.

25 Apr 2018