pros and cons of undergoing teeth whitening treatment

Benefits And Risks Of Teeth Whitening Treatment

Do you hide your smile due to stains and discolourations? Then you may perform teeth whitening treatment at a reputed clinic in London. However, you might worry as the procedure involves some kind of discomfort while giving you brighter and whiter teeth. Experienced dentists suggest knowing about teeth whitening benefits that will help you to achieve your desired goals. The method is very effective and there are minimal risks involved with it.

How the procedure works

When you see your dentist to perform the treatment, the dental professional will first prepare for a thorough mouth cleaning. After this, he will apply a whitening gel on the teeth that is activated with a dental light and starts an oxidation reaction. The oxygen molecules pass through the teeth thus, breaking apart those stain marks. The dentist will then be removing the gel and applying a new layer after 15 minutes. The procedure is repeated for three times during each whitening session for attaining the most desired results.

Health benefits of teeth whitening

Teeth whitening have several benefits for improving your appearance and smile. The in-office whitening may brighten your teeth by at least six shades or more than that within an hour. Your new smile will have an impact on your overall appearance thus, making you look younger and refreshed. You may even improve your confidence level and smile more while greeting friends, colleagues and strangers. This will have great impact on your quality of life. 

Risks of teeth whitening

The treatment has few side effects. The biggest risks include gum irritation and are tooth sensitivity. Luckily, both of these side effects are meant for a temporary period. Minor discomfort usually lasts for not more than a few days after the treatment.

Many people hear about permanent enamel erosion or dental damage. These side effects usually occur when risky over-the-counter products are used that consist of higher levels of peroxide. If you undergo whitening treatments too often, then this can also produce negative effects. 

Reducing the risks associated with the method

With in-office treatment, whitening risks can be reduced. The dentist will place a protective barrier on the gums and keep the whitening gel from touching the sensitive gum tissue. The professional whitening treatment is much safer than over-the-counter products as the gel contains proper amount of hydrogen peroxide. You should follow the advice and instructions of your dentist for touch-up treatment. When you whiten teeth on a dentist-approved schedule, there is no risk involved of enamel damage.

Whitening treatments are very efficient and seem to offer quality results. Many people have even found that scheduling an appointment with the dentist to enjoy professional teeth whitening benefits before a big event is an effective way to look your best.

31 May 2018